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Open the enclosure. Bruker Dektak XT stylus profilometer The Bruker Dektak profilometer measures step heights, surface profiles and roughness using a stylus with a 12. The Bruker Dektak XT™ stylus profiler has a revolutionary design for unmatched repeatability of four angstroms (4Å) and up to 40% improved scanning speeds. The Dektak XT is next-generation stylus technology. Sample Stage Manual X/Y/Θ, 100 x 100mm X-Y translation, 360° rotation, manual levelling, optional X-Y auto stage, 150mm (6in. The new DektakXT is dektak xt manual the first stylus profiler to implement a single-arch design, the first to incorporate a true-color dektak xt manual HD optical camera, and the first to harness 64-bit parallel processing architecture to achieve optimal measurement and operating efficiency. This profiler can measure small vertical features ranging in height from 10 nm to 1 mm. In order to gain access on dektak xt manual the tool, formal qualification by staff is required.

1) Dektak XT-S (Manual) Package includes: Manual X/Y stage with 4 inches of travel, manual 360 degree rotation; 4 to dektak xt manual 6″ wafer chuck (different chucks available on request) 4Å, 1 sigma on steps ≤1 dektak xt manual μm; 2µm stylus; 2D stress measurement option; Vision 64 analysis software; On-site installation and training; 12 xt months warranty 2) Dektak XT-A. Open the catalog to page 3. Stylus Profilometer – Veeco Dektak-8 dektak xt manual Performs contact-based 2D or 3D topography measurement to characterize film thickness, roughness, stress and defects on samples up to 200mm Delivers 262 um vertical range with 1 Å vertical resolution at 6.

). 경기도 수원시 영통구 덕영대로1556번길 16 디지털엠파이어빌딩 C동 1405호 사업자번호: dektak xt manual Step heights can range dektak from ~5 nm to 1 mm, with scan lengths up to 55mm. 1) is a 2D contact profilometer used to provide quantitative information about step. Weizmann Institute of Science. For this do the step (f).

The standard Dektak 150 utilizes a new-design, 100 x 100-millimeter X-Y stage xt with manual theta. This document provides instructions for operating the Dektak-xp stylus profilometer system, which provides high resolution thin film profiling capability. flat panel display Software Dektak software running under Windows XP, Step Detection software (std. Equipement description The DektakXT stylus surface profiler is an advanced thin (. 8 4D LABS, Simon Fraser dektak xt manual University 8888 University Drive, Burnaby, B. Vertical reproducibility is 5 Angstrom, and it can measure steps from nm to 1mm deep.

The dektak is a stylus (contact) profilometer that is used to measure height differences (steps) on samples xt for Au based processes. This tool is intended xt to measure thickness variation to complement deposition or etching processes. The Dektak XT is a stylus profilometer. Note: To abort a Dektak 150 operation, press the Esc or A key on the keyboard. The stylus is very expensive, take caution when you load and unload your samples. This system operates by the stylus physically making contact with the sample surface and moving the stylus to measure changes in surface height. 3 Applicability 1. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

In addition, warning and safety labels have been placed on the system where This document is intended to describe the operation of the Bruker Dektak XT. 5μm resolution Computer System PC with Pentium® D Dual Core processor 17in. For heights above this, the stylus is not able to climb up the step and typically dektak becomes stuck on the side of the profile, but the stage will continue to move which can damage the stylu. This tool profiles surface topography allowing measurement of step heights and lateral dimensions dektak xt manual of features on your sample. Implementing a single-arch architecture, the dektak xt manual DektakXT platform xt dektak xt manual is stiffer and sturdier than cantilever-type designs, which reduces sensitivity to adverse environmental conditions, such as acoustic and seismic noise. The DektakXT™ system may be set up and operated only in accordance with the instructions outlined in this manual.

Bid Service, LLC - We BUY & SELL dektak xt manual used equipment! Take a scan on the wafer. Double-click the “Dektak” icon to start the Dektak 150 software. 3D measurement IV.

6mm (4 x 4 inches) of X-YBruker’s DektakXT™ Stylus Profiler features a revolutionary design that of dektak xt manual forty years of Dektak. The tool maintains a constant stylus dektak xt manual force as the sample stage moves the sample under the stylus tip to trace a profile. Exit out of the Dektak Software 14. It is capable of mapping step heights and displaying topological three. If you wish to save your data, go to Data -> save data or Data-> export 13.

If you wish to print out your data and plot, go to Print -> Plot and Summary 12. Shut down the computer and turn the monitor off. Bruker Dektak XT Manual and training dektak notes. This major dektak xt manual milestone in stylus profiler performance is the culmination of forty years of Dektak® innovation and industry leadership. It uses a diamond-tip stylus that contacts the sample. Bruker Dektak XT.

Quick measurement (2D) III. Liquid Crystal Institute. Although there are range settings of 524 μm and 1 mm on the tool, only step heights of up to 100 μm may be scanned.

As with any dektak mechanical system that uses electrical energy and compressed air, it contains some physical and electrical hazards. The new DektakXT dektak xt manual is the first stylus profiler to implement a single-arch design, the first to incorporate a true-color HD optical camera, and the first to harness 64-bit parallel processing architecture to achieve optimal measurement and. Dektak 3ST Surface Profilometer This document is intended to describe the operation of the Dektak 3ST surface Profilometer and its capabilities. ) travel, 1μm repeatability, 0. SCOPE The purpose of this document is to describe requirements and basic operating instructions for the Dektak XT Profilometer. The Dektak dektak xt manual XT is capable of measuring profile step heights of ~ 500 Å to dektak 100 μm. Part 3: Shutting Down 11. dektak xt manual Stylus profilers measure surface roughness (giving Ra measurements) and step dektak xt manual heights on the nanoscale.

I & A Technology Inc. The Bruker DektakXT Surface Profiler is dektak xt manual a stylus-based surface profiler that is able to perform 3D scanning of surfaces for surface structure mapping. Bruker Dektak XT Surface Profiler Surface profiler measures small surface variations in vertical stylus displacement as a function of position. This stylus profiler features a design that enables 4 angstrom repeatability. It is fast, and has an automated XY Theta sample stage. Dektak 150 Stylus Surface Profiler Operation Manual. This machine’s detailed safety information can be read in the User Manual.

About Select Help > About to view the number of the currently installed version of the Dektak software. In the chapters that follow, the messages below dektak xt manual indicate that special vigilance is required. The DektakXT is the 10th generation, and latest, profiler from the Dektak Range. Dektak XT 2D Profilometer This document dektak xt manual is intended to describe the operation of the Bruker Dektak dektak xt manual XT Profilometerand its capabilities. Use of this tool requires the understanding of the fundamentals of stylus type profilometer knowledge. Figure 8-19: Help Menu Contents Select click Help > Contents > Dektak 150 Manual. Turn off the automatic levelling option before dektak manual levelling.

The DektakXT system is designed to minimize potential health and safety hazards during normal operation and routine maintenance activities. Manual sample xt positioning stage with 101. Page 208: Installed Options Tab. This information is collected dektak xt manual and analyzed in the Vision 64 application software. For more information regarding dektak xt manual products, visit com/ Video Demo&92;Product Inspection View. The Dektak XT (Fig 1.

It is always advisable to do a manual levelling of the wafer tilt itself dektak xt manual for more accurate results. Thin/thick film step dektak xt manual height measurement. Contact Information Questions or comments in regard to this document should be directed towards Nathanael Sieb ca) in 4D LABS at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada. Equipement_description II.

This major milestone in stylus profiler performance is the result of 40 years of Dektak brand innovation from Bruker. RESERVATIONS RULES AND BILLING POLICY: Booking : No restriction Reservtion names must be correspond to operators dektak xt manual Billing : Processing time No dektak xt manual penalty fees in case of user’s dektak xt manual no show CONTENTS: I. The DektakXT™ system may be set up and operated only in accordance with the instructions outlined in this manual. It can handle samples that are up to 35mm thick, and up dektak xt manual dektak to 300mm in diameter. The Dektak 3ST is a surface profilometer used to measure the vertical profile of samples, thin. Dektak XT Profilometer I. The DektakXT system takes measurements electromechanically by moving a diamond-tipped stylus over the sample surface according to a user-programmed scan length, speed, and stylus force.

Please refer to the Dektak Operating Manual for a complete set of instructions. Several advances in the DektakXT design contribute to its performance of 4-angstrom repeatability. 경기도 수원시 영통구 덕영대로1556번길 16 디지털엠파이어빌딩 C동 1405호 사업자번호:. V5A 1S6 E Dektak 150 software. If the tilt is upward, do anticlockwise rotation of the levelling knob and clockwise rotation for downward tilt.

The DektakXT stylus surface profiler is an advanced thin and thick film step height measurement tool with the following characteristics: Equipment compatible with 2”, 4”, 6” and 8” wafers Selectable magnification, 1 to 4mm FOV Scan Length Range 55 mm with stitching option. The Dektak XT is a 2D contact profilometer xt used to provide quantitative information about step heights and surface roughness for thin and thick films measurements. pdf or press the F1 key to view this manual in PDF format.

The Bruker Dektak dektak xt manual XT contact profilometer measures the thin film thickness of patterned features by sensing the deflection of a fine stylus that is raster scanning over features ranging in height from 1 mm down to 5 nm.

Dektak xt manual

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